Prepare yourself for exams, At the last moment

As we all know that the CBSE examinations and all classes exams are going to start so now the time to study smartly not by doing hard work by this i am not saying to study hard but i am saying not to read NCERT books now this is time to solve previous years sample papers and other sample papers and study via question and answer form do as many as sample papers as possible and make sure the time for that sample paper is only 3 hours. by this you can judge yourself how you perform in the given time period.

By this way you can get the more knowledge and will get the pattern of question paper and feel more confident after solving sample papers so i suggest you to solve sample papers as many as you can. and make sure that every topic according to syllabus is clear to you if the topic is not clear to you first clear it by reading in books and discussing with your friends and teachers.

All the best for your exams….

Work in silence. Let success make the Noise

So, work in silence and do that that work in a manner so that the work have to make noise not you. Believe in yourself and the work you are doing whether the work is small or big it doesn’t matter but the way you are doing that work is matter how you do that work and in what conditions are you doing that work all matters.

Do your work in silence Let success make the Noise about your work ……

CBSE X,XII exams set to be easier this time

students friendly changes in question papers for the Class X and Class XII boards are set to make exams easier this time. The CBSE has decided to increase objective type questions and questions options in the papers.

At present, up to 10% of the questions are objective type, However this time it will be increased by 25%. This will boost the confidence of students and help them score better, said CBSE source.

Don’t stop when you are tired,Stop when you have Done

Many people give up task or students study when they are tired or they don’t get the solution of their problem they give up and even do not try that thing again is thing happen with you ??

If yes, then you should find the solution of that problem if you are not able to resolve that problem you should go to your teachers and friends to discuss the problems and discuss that problem until the problem get resolved but don’t get tired from the task if you give up that task it will come again and that time you will thought “kash us time kar leta” that is why Don’t stop when you are tired, Stop when you have done.

As, i am a tutor i saw many students they thought, skip this problem but they don’t know that problem will come in their future ans surely they will tell the lines “kash kar lete ”

Don’t stop when you are tired,Stop when you have Done

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you….

Pushing yourself is the harder thing in your life but when you start pushing yourself to achieve something no one can stop you to get the achievement but for achieving something in your life you have to push yourself because no one will going to push you, you have to do hard work for it and you will get what you want. so push yourself and do hard work in your life .

Today, their is a competition between everyone in every field and you have to do work hard to get the thing which you want and you want success and it will not come by thinking for achieving this it require your hard work and hard work is only the thing when you pushing yourself to do this hard work and do the hard work for the knowledge not to get the money, money will automatically come when you get the knowledge so, push yourself to get the thing which you want only people will demotivate you because they know that you are capable to do which they do not.

Push yourself and get the thing which you want in your life…………

Pubg, Tik-Tok and students

Now a days students are attached to mobile because of the most time consuming game and Tik-Tok like apps, students mostly boys are playing pubg while study while eating and girls using and making the videos through Tik-Tok like apps and now most of the time students give time to pubg and Tik-Tok rather than their studies, students play pubg most of the time by playing it more as we read many articles in newspapers more playing this game will give bad impact on their mind and thinking power and it can change their behaviour too and as we know final exams are going to start by 20 feb.

So, parents should take care of their children’s stop them to play pubg and making video on Tik-Tok. and tell them to focus on their studies.

Tips for students to get good marks in exams

Tip #1: Create a study time table for effective preparation

Tip #2: Know the exam syllabus

Tip #3: Focus on all subjects to score well in the exams.

Tip #4: Prepare a revision plan, and make notes in your own way as last time notes

Tip #5: Identify your weakness and work on that

Tip #6: Solve sample papers and previous years question papers

Tip #7: Self-Analysis your performance

Tip # 8: Be confident….