Prepare yourself for exams, At the last moment

As we all know that the CBSE examinations and all classes exams are going to start so now the time to study smartly not by doing hard work by this i am not saying to study hard but i am saying not to read NCERT books now this is time to solve previous years sample papers and other sample papers and study via question and answer form do as many as sample papers as possible and make sure the time for that sample paper is only 3 hours. by this you can judge yourself how you perform in the given time period.

By this way you can get the more knowledge and will get the pattern of question paper and feel more confident after solving sample papers so i suggest you to solve sample papers as many as you can. and make sure that every topic according to syllabus is clear to you if the topic is not clear to you first clear it by reading in books and discussing with your friends and teachers.

All the best for your exams….